Old to New!

Something that I love to do is bring the old into new! A couple of months to our wedding we purchased a mobile home and it definitely needed some work on it! That’s when I realized how much fun it is to completely remodel homes and make them look completely different!

When we purchased the home just by walking into it I could not imagine living in it! It smelled, had so much stains everywhere, and every room just looked terrible!


With the help of my husband and dad and A LOT of other kind people who willingly helped us the house really started to become more and more like a home!


IMG_1152IMG_1154IMG_1186IMG_1187After a couple of hard working months the house was complete! I was in love with how it turned out and it was a perfect first home! DSC_0086DSC_0257DSC_0261DSC_0081DSC_0051DSC_0057DSC_0074

may your walls know joy;                                                                                                                   may each room hold laughter,                                                                                                         and may every window open to great possibility. 

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