A Blissful Two Years.


I know I’ve been a little MIA from this blog and I’ll be blaming that all on the fact that we’re moving! (Blog post coming soon)

But today is a very special day. Today marks mine and my husbands two year anniversary so I couldn’t not post!

These two years flew by soooo fast and to be honest it feels like we’ve been married for over 10. No joke.

David I know you’re reading this (because I’ll make you) and I hope you know how thankful I am to the Lord for giving me you. There is no one else in this world that understands me more than you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for loving. Than you for being patient with me. Means to me more than anything.

As cheesy as it sounds, I cannot wait to see what the Lord has planned for our future together. Having you by my side makes it all that much sweeter and better.

Here’s a couple pictures of our wedding day!


New Header: @fleurishletters

Photographer: @artstudiophotoandvideo

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